IMS INVEST D.O.O. is a process engineering company active in four areas.


As a representative and distributor for Solenis in Slovenia and Croatia, the company supplies innovative technologies, as well as chemicals for the paper industry. Particular attention is paid to consulting and professional service activities.

With experience in the production of polymer modified bitumen and low temperature bitumens, the company offers and supplies Slovenian road construction companies bitumen for road construction.

Additionally, as representative and distributor for Sasol in Slovenian market, the company offers a versatile additive Sasobit, which is suitable for the most demanding road construction, and recycled asphalt mixture.

As a distributor for Wickbury Investments, the company supplies the EU market with Vermiculite, which is primarily used in construction and agricultural industry.

The company is also active in the real estate market, in particular in renting out business premises.

IMS ADITOIL D.O.O. offers a wide range of products for trade, industry, workshops and others to its customers.


It is one of the leading companies in the field of auto motives in Slovenia, contemporary absorbent resources, environmental protection systems, protective equipment, cleaners, cleaning and maintenance of vehicles.

In addition to the products of world famous manufacturer, which the IMS ADIT OIL D.O.O. exclusively represents in Slovenia, the company also offers a wide pellet products, which are available under its own brand IMS.

As the main distributer for Wickbury Investments, IMS TECH GmbH supplies Vermiculite from Zimbabwe to companies in Central Europe.


The company is also active in the field of international trade and transfer of innovative technologies.